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The Last MessageĀ…

Open BookSince Islam is the last message, it deals with all  aspects of lifeĀ’s affairs. The Quran is the basic source of Islamic teachings  and laws, and deals with the basis of creeds, morality, worship, manĀ’s relation  with God, and human relationships in all aspects. Social justices, economics,  politics, are all important contents.

In addition, thousands of  sayings and actions of the last Prophet (pbuh) have been meticulously reported  and collected, and are graded as to their authenticity by sciences of  transmission. Thesehadeethare the  second source of divine law and support the Quran, making the message whole and  complete.

Consequently as Muslims (lit: "those who surrender to God"), we are obliged to invite all mankind to this final message, which has been perfected, and we bear witness that God has completed his favour to mankind.

Only by submitting to the Commands of the Creator and Sustainer can one achieve real happiness and peace!

"This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour unto you, and have chosen for you as religion Al-Islam."
(Quran 5:5)

"O mankind! Now has a proof  from your Lord come unto you, and We have sent down unto you a clear light."
(Quran 4:174)


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